Legal Information

The Aftermarket Graphics website and company database contains both licensed and unlicensed logos which may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Aftermarket Graphics products are made available for promotional use. For example, many companies ask us to sell and distribute their logos to enthusiasts as a form of "Free Advertising", even in custom sizes and colors. The entire fee we collect is usually kept for this "service". We also have agreements made with some companies to give a percentage of gross sales back to them (Royalties) for allowing us to use their logos.

The products on the Aftermarket Graphics website are available for sale; meaning, Aftermarket Graphics may or may not actively manufacture, produce, inventory, distribute or sale any product in question. In fact, the only product Aftermarket Graphics regularly produces and maintains inventory are that of its existing clients, who order on a regular basis. All other products are made to order.

Aftermarket Graphics believes that by making products available, even without license, satisfies a demand for the enthusiast that some companies are not able to fulfill. Because our product can cater to nearly every market segment and demographic it would be impossible to contact everyone, at every company. Additionally, given each company’s structure, our marketing attempts often go unrecognized by the proper person or department.

Considering each individual company’s policy, making stickers available to enthusiasts may not be an issue to them. Many times our work has enabled companies to see the value in our products and services and therefore contact us. Whether we have direct working relationship with the company of not, Aftermarket Graphics is often praised for making a logo or graphic. For example: A vehicle that ends up being on the cover of a magazine, in a blockbuster Hollywood movie, or that’s on a truck & trailer parked right in front of a packed stadium.

Aftermarket Graphics seeks to act as a liaison between the manufacturer and the enthusiast, providing a way for enthusiasts to be able to acquire custom logos and designs through our program.

Any company who wishes to not participate in our program only needs to inform Aftermarket Graphics of its position. Aftermarket Graphics will honor and respect the wishes of any company to retain the use of logos or trademarks for its own purposes. Any logo, trademark, or graphic will be removed upon request or Cease and Desist order.

Aftermarket Graphics pledges full cooperation and compliance to any and all inquires regarding this matter, and will provide any and all information requested including any manufacture, sale, distribution, advertising or promotion of the logo or mark in question.

If a business relationship can not be established with an inquiring company or firm, artwork is of no future use. Aftermarket Graphics will also remove from its website and computer database any and all logos in question.

Aftermarket Graphics invites all companies and organizations to contact us about setting up a vendor account with us, or to discuss licensing & royalty agreements.